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Support me as I walk with One Foot Raised

I'm taking part in One Foot Raised to help women, men and children living on the margins live full and free lives.  

I'm walking because Ignatius walked ... because Jesuit Missionaries walk alongside the marginalised ... and because many children in Jesuit Mission supported schools walk long distances each day to gain a quality education

Please support my efforts - your tax-deductible donation will support the work of Jesuit Mission in over 10 countries in Asia and Africa. 

It only costs $40 to support a farmer with a weeding machine, $60 for 3 hygiene kits for families fleeing Ukraine, $100 to help provide a week's emergency food for a refugee family,  or $250 to provide a child from a village with an education for one year. 

Thank you, every donation helps!

My Updates

Sunday 26th Jun
Finally, it's done...The old body is a bit sore, but I am happy that I did it. Thanks everyone for your support and encouragement
Tuesday 21st Jun
Just to clarify that I am not going to walk 100km all at once. I am not that fit. In fact, I don't think I can drive a car that far, lol.
Instead, I will walk over a period of one week, ie 15km or around 23,000 steps a day, starting from last Monday. 
Hope I hadn't misled you and you are not too disappointed with my efforts to ask for your money back!

Thank you to my Sponsors


Hiep Nguyen



Good luck. From Steph, Nat and Alphie




Alexander And Felicity Lam

Gogogo for it uncle Lam You can do it. Alex & Felicity Lam family


Phuong & Michelle Lam

Good luck Lam!


Lisa & Chris




Good luck with your quest, Lam.


Mike Doran

Keep on truckin'



Go Lam!


Liv Nguyen


Suong Thoi


Hien Ngo


Mackenzie Cavaiuolo

Go Lam!!!



Great work for a good cause. Hope you make it. Hoang


Neale Hollis

Good work Lam.

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