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Support me as I walk in the One Foot Raised Fundraiser

I'm taking part in the One Foot Raised fundraiser to help women, men and children that live on the margins of our society  

I'm walking because Ignatius walked with and for others. Many Jesuit Missionaries walk alongside the marginalised helping to give them basic necessities like food and water.  We also want to walk with the many children in Jesuit Mission-supported schools that walk long distances each day to gain a quality education.

Please support my efforts, your tax-deductible donation will support the work of the Jesuit Mission in over 10 countries in Asia and Africa. 

It only costs $40 to support a farmer with a weeding machine, $60 for 3 hygiene kits for families fleeing Ukraine, $100 to help provide a week's emergency food for a refugee family or $250 to provide a child from a village with education for one year.

Please help these poor children get a better life. 

As Vincent Van Gogh once said, "Big things are done by a series of small things brought together".

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