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Hi I'm Khyara and I'm supporting one foot raised this month

I'm taking part in One Foot Raised to help women, men and children living on the margins live full and free lives.  

I'm walking because Ignatius walked ... and i strive to help the needy like Ignatius.

To participate in this i am helping not only the Jesuit mission but women, men and children in need. My school is participating so to contribute to my schools community i am taking part of this as well.

Please support my efforts - your tax-deductible donation will support the work of Jesuit Mission in over 10 countries in Asia and Africa. 

It only costs $40 to support a farmer with a weeding machine, $60 for 3 hygiene kits for families fleeing Ukraine, $100 to help provide a week's emergency food for a refugee family,  or $250 to provide a child from a village with an education for one year. 

Thank you, every donation helps!

My Updates

Hi I'm Khyara and I'm supporting one foot raised this month

Tuesday 27th Sep
today in mentor we did a 2.4km walk around the school. i am now 2kms away from meeting my km goal at 8km total. please help me blaze my trail and donate to support me in 1 foot raised this month.

Hi I'm Khyara and I'm supporting one foot raised this month

Friday 16th Sep
i have so far waked more than 3km please help me raise some money to support the fundraiser of one foot raised that i am apart of this month.
every donation counts
regards Khyara

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