One Foot Raised

Follow in the footsteps of St Ignatius the Pilgrim with One Foot Raised. 

Take part as a school, parish, or group of friends or set your own goals as an individual.  

Walk, swim, ride, read, or come up with your own challenge over one day, one week, or throughout one month. 

St Ignatius himself described the ideal leader as living with "one foot raised," moving always into new lands and new cultures, ready to step forward and respond to human need and suffering in the world. 

In the footsteps of St Ignatius, take action to empower communities living in the margins to free themselves from poverty and injustice.   

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Complete it in one day, one week or one month and walk at a time that works for you.

One Foot Raised is a perfect activity for all fitness levels and ages. Do it with your school, your parish or community group or as an individual.

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