Your Impact

Your Impact

Paw Meh is a nine-year-old girl who was born in a refugee camp in Northern Thailand. In her young life, she has already experienced many, many challenges. The daughter of Burmese refugees, she lives with relentless poverty and uncertainty every day.

Yet this has not dampened her beautiful spirit or her burning ambition to become a nurse when she grows up. “I like to take care of the sick,” she says. “Especially old people, they need the most help.” 

And, thanks to Jesuit Mission supporters, Paw Meh’s dream could become a reality. Our local partner runs the ‘Sustaining Education for Burmese Refugees’ program which is educating, training and empowering 200 teachers in the camps so they can deliver quality, life-changing education to over 3,000 children.

Paw Meh’s parents are so proud of their daughter. And, Paw Meh is thriving. She works hard, studies independently and is in the top three in her class. 

Your support can ensure children like Paw Meh growing up in refugee camps receive quality education, and hope for the future, as they endure lengthy encampments.

Clean, safe water is a basic human right. Yet, for people living in rural and remote villages in Timor-Leste without easy access to water, it’s a source of poverty.

In the remote village of Kamalelara in Timor-Leste, people rely on fishing and farming for their livelihoods. But until now, the 800 residents had been living without access to clean water.

It could take hours each day to travel and fetch water, and the burden would often fall to children, who would then be too tired to attend school after carrying water home.

Thanks to your support, our local partner has been working side-by-side with members of the community to install water pumps, water tanks and pipelines, and the village now has easy access to safe, clean water.

In addition to the clean water facilities, each community is supported to ensure the water can be used to develop sustainable livelihoods, while a tree planting project will help communities improve vegetation, soil and crops.

Your support can provide new health, hope and opportunity for villages by bringing the gift of life - water. 

Living in rural Cambodia with an intellectual disability and cerebral palsy, everyday has been a challenge for 12-year-old Arunny.

At four, she couldn’t talk and used basic gestures to communicate her needs. Her feet were very weak, and she could only walk short distances with bad balance. Severe spasticity in her hands made it impossible for her to feed or care for herself.  

However, since joining a program run by Jesuit Missions' partner, Arunny's progress has been nothing short of a miracle. Individualised healthcare and development programs have strengthened Arunny's capacity and independence. She's learned to communicate, received special education classes, and through physiotherapy her physical condition and walking have dramatically improved.  

Arunny’s mother has also learned invaluable skills to support her daughter, and the family has received additional support, including sanitation and hygiene facilities for their home. 

Arunny now walks to the local primary school with friends, and her independence grows every day. Her family couldn’t be prouder and now see a brighter future for Arunny – one they’d never dared to imagine before. 

Your support will help uplift and empower our brothers and sisters overseas, living in the margins.